Hagley Heritage Curators
Preserving Your History, Unlocking Its Value


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Transform your corporate records into historical assets.

Let our expert team and state-of-the-art facilities turn your archive into your trusted heritage resource.



secure climate-controlled storage

All of our collections storage resides onsite with us in Wilmington, DE. Our storage facilities are climate-controlled in accordance with the highest standards and monitored to ensure consistent conditions. We also have special cold-storage units for audio visual materials.


reference and research 

Our curatorial staff rapidly responds to questions from our partners and helps them locate content in their company archives.


assessment and curation

Let us come to you! We'll visit your company and assess your records with you. We will help you determine what should be saved and we'll help you create a plan for how to do that.


We offer flexible project packages on a one-time or project-by-project basis. We are happy to customize our services to meet your needs.

Processing records

Our trained librarians and archivists use the latest professional standards to ensure that your materials are discoverable online. Your archive will be accessible to you and your staff.


Our conservation team can repair or stabilize at-risk and damaged documents, books, film, or photographs in your records. We can assist with disaster recovery and advise on risk management. 


With a range of scanners and cameras on hand, our digitization staff can digitize your company's photographs, advertisements, annual reports, and more. Digital assets are freely available to you 24/7 through the Hagley Digital Archives.

oral history

Stories need to be told and produced in meaningful ways that ensure the messages are relevant and impactful.  We specialize in recording oral histories taken from your retirees, current employees, and business partners to help develop the stories of your history.

milestones and anniversaries

The expert curators and historians on our staff can help you celebrate your company's achievements. Once your records are with us, we can select highlights to tell your company's story.

library removal

Does your business have a library that is taking up too much space? We can arrange for a gift or deposit agreement that will allow you to hand us the books and re-purpose that space for a new use.