Hagley Heritage Curators
Preserving Your History, Unlocking Its Value

Why Hagley?

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workers in stacks, 1961

Since our inception in 1961, hagley has become the nation's leading business history library.

Hagley Museum and Library is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. Hagley Library is a member of the Independent Research Libraries Association (IRLA).

Today, we house the historical records of several thousand business organizations, trade associations, business leaders, and government entities. This translates to holdings in excess of 42,000 linear feet (approx. eight miles) of business records and manuscripts, more than 300,000 rare books and published sources, and over 3 million pictorial, audiovisual, and digital artifacts.

knowledge and experience

At Hagley, we know business history. Our curators are skilled professionals with decades of experience handling business records. We know how to cooperate with a firm’s legal, marketing, and records management divisions to align handling of their records with company objectives. Our current staff members have processed the records of, among others, the Pennsylvania Railroad, the National Association of Manufacturers, Bethlehem Steel, MCI, and Joseph Seagram & Sons. They have worked closely on public relations projects with Avon and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, identifying materials for use in marketing their heritage.

Become a part of business history

For decades we have worked with researchers coming from all over the globe to learn about the history of American firms, and with companies seeking to make use of their own heritage to leverage their brand. The history of American business has been written using Hagley’s library. By making your company’s records available for research, your accomplishments can become part of our nation’s legacy and show your leadership in your industry. 

If you have a milestone to celebrate, a fact to check, or a report to illustrate, you can search through your documents and photographs 24/7 in our online database. When you need assistance, our helpful and knowledgeable staff is quick to respond to your questions and requests.

the hagley difference

Hagley Heritage Curators (HHC) is a unique program because it allows corporations to preserve their company archives in a world-renowned library. When you deposit your company records with Hagley, your past becomes accessible to your team and can be leveraged as a historical asset, whenever you may need it.

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the historical understanding of innovation and the free enterprise system in the United States. While donating your archives to us is an option, most companies choose to deposit their records at Hagley, allowing them to retain ownership of their materials. HHC Partners can easily access a full suite of in-house professional services that meet their business needs.