Hagley Heritage Curators
Preserving Your History, Unlocking Its Value

Preserving Your History, Unlocking Its Value



Preserving Your History, Unlocking Its Value


We preserve the stories of American enterprise

Hagley Library has over 50 years’ experience in helping corporations unlock the value of their pasts. At Hagley Heritage Curators, a program within the Hagley Library, we provide businesses and trade associations with expertise and a range of services that can preserve corporate records and transform them into valuable and sustainable historical assets.

The records of thousands of businesses are preserved in our archives and made available for historical research. We care for the most significant historical collections documenting the experience of American businesses, entrepreneurs, and industrial designers.


organizations with a deep sense of history approach the future with greater confidence.

Areas of Expertise


Your collection is your story. We customize the potential uses of your collections to fit the needs of your business and stakeholders.


Using the newest imaging technology, we take strategic portions of your collection online, making them discoverable and accessible by your staff.


Our curators and specialists help you identify materials and themes suitable for creative resources such as exhibitions, documentary films, and milestone celebrations.


preservation & conservation

Whether it’s processing and housing your records in containers designed to extend their longevity, developing reference aids, or ensuring that digital documents are accessible years from now, we make them easily discoverable and usable.  We will examine and document the items' conditions, repair damage to prevent further deterioration, and advise on preservation needs. 

story production

Stories need to be told and produced in meaningful ways that ensure the messages are relevant and impactful.  We specialize in recording oral histories taken from your retirees, current employees, and business partners to ensure that the narrative is available when you need it.


As the premier research library in business history, we offer something our competition cannot: historical context. We offer over half a century’s experience in helping your staff benefit from understanding the context in which your business has evolved. With an active research library and fellowship program, we also help build connections between our partners and the historical community.


We were most impressed with the level of care and attention they demonstrated in organizing and displaying our collection of books, photos, videos and more. They were, and still are, a pleasure to work with.
— Tawauna Murphy, Executive Director, Building Operations - U.S. Chamber of Commerce