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Since 1961, Hagley Library has fostered public and scholarly understanding of business history. Today, it is considered the world's preeminent research library devoted to the history of American enterprise. Attracting visitors from around the world, we have one of the strongest collections documenting the history of American business activities since the late 18th century through to today. We have been preserving and managing businesses' records for dozens of years, ranging from Avon Products to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 

Hagley Heritage Curators (HHC) began in 2015 to support the increased demand for our library services. To meet the needs of current partners and to expand to serve new partners, we created the HHC program to standardize the services we offer. 

When you work with Hagley Heritage Curators, you benefit from the professional expertise of the Hagley Library. With curators, librarians, archivists, conservators, and historians on staff, our talented team is ready to help you preserve your business's history in business history.


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Michelle DiMeo.jpg

Business Manager

Michelle DiMeo, PhD

A historian by training, Michelle has been directing projects in libraries and archives for almost ten years. At Hagley, she liaises between businesses and library staff to oversee deposits and services for the Hagley Heritage Curators program. 


DSC01702 Erik Rau.JPG

Director of Library Services

Erik Rau, PhD

Erik has directed Hagley Library since July 2011, and led the development of the Hagley Heritage Curators program. Before that, he taught world, American, and technology history at Drexel University for 14 years, helping to build its program in Science, Technology & Society.


Chief curator, library collections

Lynn Catanese

DSC01839 Lynn Catanese.jpg

Lynn has worked in the Hagley Manuscripts and Archives Department since 1990. She specializes in design history and has experience working with trade organizations.

Curator, Published Collections

Max Moeller

Max Moeller.JPG

Max has worked in special collections libraries for twenty years, with more than half of that experience as a curator at Hagley. He focuses on collection development and managing the efforts of the Published Collections department.

Library conservator

Laura Wahl

Laura Wahl.JPG

Laura has a degree in photography, and is a graduate of the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation. At Hagley she manages the treatment and preventive care of the library's collections.

Curator, audiovisual collections & Digital initiatives

Kevin Martin

DSC01308 Kevin Martin.JPG

Kevin has nearly twenty years of experience working with historical records in research libraries. He oversees curatorial duties related to photographs, moving images, and audio recordings as well as the digitization operations for Hagley.


Director, Center for the history of business, technology and society

Roger Horowitz, PhD

Roger Horowitz (2).JPG

A historian of food, technology, and business, Roger initiates and manages the library’s outreach efforts to academic and public audiences. By organizing events and developing online content, he is responsible for promoting library resources to potential users.

Associate Director, Center for the History of business & Oral Historian

Amrys O. Williams, PhD


With a background in the history of science and technology, Amrys is always looking for new ways to bring collections to a wider public. At Hagley, she helps run the library’s center for scholars, carries out oral history interviews, and oversees oral history collecting projects.